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To the top of Victoria – Hiking Mt Bogong

A mid week getaway to the Victorian High Country, to hike the highest mountain in the state.. why not!?!?

At 1,986m Mt Bogong isn’t exactly the highest of mountain summits but the 16km single day trek up & back makes this a fairly demanding hike nonetheless.  Add into the mix the unpredictable autumn weather and forecasts of snow and this should be quite an adventure 🙂

Expecting an 8hr return trip, we set off early in the morning, stopping only briefly on the way up to rest and hydrate.  Snow began falling as we passed 1100m, settling as a gentle blanket of white powder on the eucalypt forest around us.  Amazing views as we climbed higher, windy and freezing conditions on the summit and a injury-free descent were only capped off by the hot spa waiting for us back at the hotel.


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