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Hiking in Lofoten

It’s been 6 weeks since I last saw Ingrid, back in sunny Kotor, she driving off in one direction as I slowly pedalled off in the other on my way to Istanbul.  I’ve managed to convince her to take a week off work and come hiking with me high up in Lofoten, north of the Arctic Circle – another first for me!!

To be fair, I’d never heard of Lofoten until Ingrid suggested it, but a single image search of the name and I was sold! Heading up into the Arctic Circle, the prospect of seeing puffins and the northern lights, and more trekking trails along the fjords than one can possible achieve in a week.. what more could you want.

From the minute we left the (tiny) airport, the scenery was stunning.  I’m not normally one to gush, but I was like a kid in a candy store. My face was glued to the window, staring out at the amazing beauty of this fantasy world, every turn in the road delivering another postcard perfect landscape for my eyes & soul to feast on.

Basing ourselves on the island of Moskenesøya we spent the next few days hiking and climbing up the steep peaks, more often cold and wet, rewarded with stunning views and warm hearty meals at the end of each day.  Simply driving around the islands was a treat in itself, stopping for a quiet coffee in quant fishing villages, wandering through local art galleries, getting lost on the one single road unable to find the turn off to our destination for lack of signage.

But the best was left for our final night.. although the weather is notoriously fickle in these parts, we had a clear and cool night and a view across the bay to the mountains in the distance.  Staying up till midnight we kept glancing to the sky hoping for a glimpse of the lights.. and eventually they came.  Green ribbons dancing right across the sky, constant and silent, mysterious in it’s movement.  It might have been only a few degrees out.. but my heart was warm and that smile lasted all the way back to London.

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