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Niseko and the powder

Time to head north and experience the famous powder snow of Niseko!!  After an impromptu overnight stay in Tokyo (thank you wild weather!) I eventually landed at Sapporo airport and purchased the very last seat on the shuttle to Niseko.  3 hours of driving through the snowy winter wonderland that is Hokkaido and I’ve finally made it to Niseko Village.

I was meant to be staying with my old friend Jacob and had a few hours to kill while waiting for him to finish work for the day.  A few beers, whiskeys and bowls of ramen later Jacob was finished, I jumped in the van and off we headed home.  But before we get there.. first stop, a mate’s house party.  A couple of hours there, then off to a bar to meet some other mates.  A few drinks in, I look around and Jacob’s disappeared with his new lady-friend.  Shit! My bag, my clothing, my camera, everything is in that van! I have no idea where he lives and he’s not answering any texts or calls!!

I’ve been in transit for 45 hours now and seriously want somewhere to lay down and sleep!  Looking around the bar I spot a friendly-looking bunch of kiwis and after a few rounds of drinks have organised to crash on the couch in their apartment for the night.  But.. first we’re off to a club, and finally a round of beers & chicken wings at the 24hr convenience store.  5am rolls around and I’m finally allowed a few hours sleep, wedged in between 2 others snoring on the sofa beside me.

The rest of the week went relatively smoothly.. caught up with the rest of the group, snow, skiing, onsens, ramen, beers, broken fingers, and lots of back-country skiing!  Absolutely loved this trip and can’t wait to go back 🙂


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