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It all starts in Rotterdam

Today is the day.

A few months ago the idea for this trip started to formulate… slowly but surely everything has come together and now I am here. Finally arrived on the continent ready to begin.

Well, maybe not just yet. My bike is still in transit from London but I’m told it’ll arrive in Amsterdam on tomorrow’s train. Don’t ask why or how, but arriving here without my mode of transport simply seems a fitting way to kick off a 3 month cycling adventure across Europe.

The last couple of weeks have been spent in London seeing old friends and attempting to re-assemble my bike after bringing it across from Melbourne in a box. This has been my first few lessons in bicycle repair and if the Rickshaw Run was anything to go by, this surely won’t be the last time I need a wrench and a spanner on this trip. But London is behind me now and the road ahead is all south (sort of…) to Istanbul.

I won’t exactly be taking a direct route to Turkey, but I’ll get there eventually.

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