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Sabah – Diving Mabul

After our trip to Mataking we went out to Mabul and Kapalai islands for another day of diving awesomeness! These islands are home to some of the world’s best so-called muck diving, which basically means there is an amazing amount of tiny creatures living in amongst the human garbage that has been thrown into the water from the local villagers.  Honestly I did encounter more than one dirty diaper in the water.. picture a night dive in the pitch black and you see what looks vaguely like a white jellyfish drifting towards you, only for you to swim close and suddenly recoil as you realise it’s a fresh nappy floating down to the depths.

Aside from the obvious hazards that are present, the marco marine life is amazing – so many nudibranchs of all colours, baby lionfish nurseries, colonies of tiny seahorses, turtle cleaning stations atop of fishing wrecks, gardens of eels, swarms of squid swimming in the breeze (err.. current I mean) and one pretty cool flamboyant cuttlefish shuffling about.  Below are some pictures we took from this dive, I’ve learnt a few lessons from Mataking but still have a long way to go with this underwater business.

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