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It´s over!

Dear London,

By now you´ve probably noticed that I´ve left and you´re wondering what went wrong. The short answer is that it´s over!

Although there is no easy way to tell you what I want to say, I feel you deserve a decent explanation. We had a good few years together and from cautious beginnings I think we built a solid relationship. It was rocky at the start with me needing to work crap jobs to support our lifestyle together and you just kept throwing your expensive dinners at me but I think we´re past that now.

I know you´ve gotten a little jealous at times when I would go off to spend a few days with others but I´ve always come back to you. You knew I´d never truly leave you for them and that they were just weekend flings to get it out of my system. In fairness, you´ve had more than your fair share of people coming through your life and I´ve never complained. In fact I´ve always tried to be friendly with them no matter where they come from.

Why you have such an attraction to foreigners is still a mystery to me. I´m sorry to say but you´re not that good looking, you can´t really cook and sometimes you´re downright dirty in places. But I guess you do have some kind of charm and there was enough to keep me interested for our time together so I guess I should just accept that everyone is attracted to you for one reason or another.

Even though you gave me your ultimatum I know you still wanted me to stay and I probably could have worked something out. But ultimately I think we´ve seen the best of each other and it´s now time to move on and see others. I´m not saying I won´t be back, I´m not saying I won´t think of you often, but please don´t expect me back anytime soon. Actually I´m pretty sure you´ll get over me quick enough and move on to new friends but I won´t get upset over that.



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