Euro Bike Ride, Strava

Day 9 – Trier – Luxembourg City – Thionville

Today I’m off to Luxembourg, my first new country for the trip. With any luck I’ll also meet up with Jess just over the French border in Thionville. She lands in Paris this morning and should be on the first train out, it’s going to be a long day but it’ll be really nice to see her again and hang out for a few days.

A buffet breakfast (fancy!) before I pack up and ride out along the Mosel, a pleasant and quiet ride along the river before crossing the bridge into Luxembourg. And straight into the hills!

The next two hours are spent riding through the rural countryside, up & down the long hills. To be fair, it’s really quiet and peaceful, cutting through farmland and forest trails, long downhills with no cars to bother you. And then all of a sudden I’m in Luxembourg City.

I’ll be back here tomorrow to explore a little more with Jess, so no need to spend to much time but I did find a nice park to stop for lunch (the usual ham and cheese bread roll of course!). A quick refill of the water bottles and back on the bike, onwards to the French border and Thionville.

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