Euro Bike Ride, Strava

Day 15 – Schaffhausen – Zurich

After enjoying multiple bowls of muesli thanks to the breakfast buffet, time to pack up and move on again. Should be a short ride into Zurich today thanks to yesterday’s effort.

Nice and cool setting off and I stopped off at the Rhein Fall before leaving the city. Fairly impressive set of waterfalls!! Got to fly the drone a little and get some good footage (I hope!).

The sun came out just as I was heading off and uphill of course. But today is a short 50km day so there’s no rush and I can take it fairly easy. First I cross back over into Germany for an hour or so before back across the Swiss border once again.

Eventually I came past Zurich airport and found a weird cafe where people eat, drink and plane spot. Watched a few planes come in with them before setting off again. Strange place.

Arriving into Zurich I called ahead to Lukas, my Warmshowers accommodation host, and he came down to the river to meet me. Such a warm sunny day, everyone is out by the river, in bikinis, bbq’ing, floating down the river on inflatable unicorns. Love it!

Florian, from Mabul, met us up and we got food and beer and then went to find Sophia, also from Mabul. Chilled in the park for a little while before back to Lukas’ place for a shower and unpack. Lukas and Marylou cooked a wonderful fondue and a few glasses of wine and whiskey later it was eventually time to get to bed.

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