Euro Bike Ride, Strava

Day 14 – Freiburg to Schaffhausen

Leaving Freiburg behind it was time to tackle the Black Forest and hopefully make it to Switzerland by evening.

Heading along the highway for a while, the constant noise and traffic, trucks passing uncomfortably close by.. I saw a sign saying a slightly longer path to Titisee lake that went up through the forest. The catch.. the sign indicated a 7% inclince.

Fine, whatever.. I can do this. Well.. 6km of this shit later I wasn’t so sure. I had to hop off a few times to push the bike uphill, it was just way too much effort to keep pedaling. I almost passed out a couple of times and was going through my water very quickly.

But on the flip side, it was beautiful, peaceful and serene. Eventually crossing over the top and coming across a beautiful meadow on the other side was lovely. Almost worth the effort, almost. But some sweet downhill into Hinzgarten town to stop for a coffee and cake, before rolling downhill again to Lake Titisee.

A pretty lake but not particularly outstanding. Anyway, Google routed me up a ski slope to exit the town and again I simply had to push. I swear it was a 15% grade at some point. But once again, I rounded the top and had some great downhill to make up for the effort getting there.

Got to play with the drone a little, even trying to get it to follow me through the forest. Until it started eating a pine tree.. not quite as automated as I had thought. Those sensors are so good with small tree branches apparently.

Anyway, I got to the halfway distance mark for the day about 2pm and snacked while a rainstorm rolled by. The clouds looked mean and brooding but I wanted to keep going, so on I rolled. Eventually crossing over into Switzerland and then the rain started. It wasn’t heavy but after more than an hour I was proper soaked and getting a little cold.

But we eventually made it to the hostel, paid the exhorbitant price and settled in for the night.

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