Euro Bike Ride, Strava

Day 8 – Ediger-Eller – Trier

About an hour riding along the river this morning before turning inland to take a “short cut” over the hills. Of course this means less distance overall but i need to tackle these hills. But then again.. I need to start getting my legs into shape before the Alps!

Had a few arguments with Google through the day, telling me to turn when there is no turn. But still we made it to where we need to be.

Eventually back down out of the hills and along the river again till I came into Trier. Again after cleaning and unpacking I went into the city to explore. Noticed a younger more energetic crowd in this place, University town!!

The Romans apparently founded this city a long while back and so there are ruins littered about, baths, amphitheatre, still intact city gate even! Spent quite a bit of time wandering about and taking it in, before dining at the potato restaurant haha. Potato soup with a main of potato casserole topped with two schnitzels and covered in cheese.

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