Euro Bike Ride, Strava

Day 5 – Cologne to Bonn

After a relatively sleepless night, on account of Peter the snoring asshole, the lack of airconditioning in this country which requires windows to remain open despite the partying till 3am outside, and the 4 very drunk roommates who decided to check in at 4am, I decided to get up and join the free city walking tour.

A small group of us met up and followed our guide around town for a little while, learning some interesting facts about the city and it’s monuments.  I got a call from Marc who I’d met back in 2016 on the Rickshaw Run.  Apparently he was in Cologne the same day visiting a friend but was meant to head back to Dusseldorf in the next few hours.  Of course I could catch up!! So I abandoned the free tour and my new friends, never to see them again of course.

Met up with Marc and his friend Jana, had a couple of beers in the square and then meeting up with Jana’s friends we walked down to the riverfront got some more beers, played some tunes and generally relaxed in the sun for a few hours.  Somehow it was 6pm all of a sudden and both Marc & I needed to be on our way.  A lovely afternoon chilling with these beautiful people but I had to get myself to Bonn.

Luckily I only had to follow the river (read: flat!) for 2hours so it wasn’t a long ride, and to be honest it was rather dull anyway.  Passing straight through Bonn city itself I rode onto the South of town to find the BaseCamp hostel, a kooky indoor camping setup full of train carriages and caravans converted into backpacker accomodation.  A really cool space but it felt really empty and soulless to be honest.

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