Euro Bike Ride, Strava

Day 4 – Essen, Dusseldorf & Bochum – Cologne

Spent yesterday with Max and Nicholas.  Slept in till 11am which was fantastic – thanks to Max’s window shutters!!

Once we were up we called Nicholas and made our way down to the Ruhr Museum, a disused coal mine that’s now turned into a fascinating museum of everything about the natural and human history of the area.  Flew the drone out in the back industrial park area until we were politely warned of the potential 5000 euro fine for using it – really Germany??

After a lunch of a massive doner kebab, we went to Nicholas’ house for some beers by the river before eventually getting the train into Dusseldorf to check out the nightlife.  Beers from a local kiosk and we sat on the steps by the river, with Chrissie eventually joining us up.  I had a minor mishap jumping over a railing to get a picture of the river, only a few scrapes and bruises to worry about.  A late-ish night catching the train back to Duisburg and eventually home to Bochum again.

The next day I set off relatively early with approx 80km ahead of me to Cologne.  Given that the massive hill up to Max’s house meant a cruisy downhill I was initially excited but after a great start the next 10km turned out to be one long hill that went all the way back up.  At some point the road flattened out a little and onto the bike paths we went.  A few long tunnels in the darkness (I have lights somewhere in my bag..) and I stopped for a coffee break at a social cafe, offering a pay as you feel service.  Lovely people even if we couldn’t understand each other.

Finally I made it into Cologne, after passing what seemed like endless miles of Bayer chemical factories, riding into the scummy part of town to find the Station Hostel.  I guess it’s cheap for a reason.

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